We are an English language playschool

for children aged 3-7 years old, based in central Helsinki. We are open at three locations in downtown Helsinki: Töölö, Ruoholahti and in Kamppi. Our Töölö kindergarten has recently been expanded to allow us to offer a small number of spots to 2 year olds; as places are limited to 12, early registration is recommended. Please check our page for information about our timetable and price list.

The Finnish-American Kindergarten

has been running for over 30 years. In that time we've had hundreds of children passing through our doors. Many of them have come back to us whilst at high school to complete their work experience; we've watched others become teenagers as we've educated their younger brothers and sisters. This kind of continuity is wonderful, we want the children that we teach to have warm, happy memories of their time with us and to feel that they are able to revisit us whenever they choose. It is important that each child leaves our kindergarten having had a great experience and that they go to school full of confidence and eagerness.

Learning should be fun

whether it's sitting at a table completing a page of pre-school mathematics or building towers of bricks and guessing when gravity will bring them down. We plan activities that are educational but never boring, to do this we keep in mind each child's stage of development and interests. A mixture of free play and structured activities ensure that kids have a chance to learn social and cognitive skills. The keys to successful education are planning, good materials and flexibility.

Parents are important to us

- you know your child best and we want to hear your opinions. At the kindergarten we have an open doors policy, this means that you can come to the kindergarten at any time to see how your child is doing or to talk with the teachers. It is important that parents and teachers trust and respect each other. We work best when we work together for the benefit of your child.