At the Finnish-American Kindergarten

we are working together to provide opportunities for the children to play, listen, talk, experiment, investigate, develop mathematical concepts and to develop intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.

We want to make learning fun, one of the most important tools in a teacher’s repertoire has to be a sense of humour. We aim to offer children first hand experience of a wide range of materials and to expand their awareness of the world around them.

All children are different so our programme is specially designed to allow each child to develop at his/her own pace. Children are encouraged to learn to negotiate with each other and their teachers.

You can see the results

in the day to day work of the kindergarten. If the children are happy and learning we are being successful.

Our work at the kindergarten should result in children who have a growing sense of self-esteem and self-worth and who demonstrate increasing independence and the ability to show initiative. We want children to show confidence in making choices and in giving reasons for decisions and actions. As the children develop we wish to see their ability to reason and apply knowledge in solving everyday problems increase.

However, most importantly, our main objective is that children enjoy learning and experience feelings of satisfaction when a new skill has been mastered or a goal is accomplished.


It’s simple - happy children learn well. Each child needs to feel that s/he is liked and valued.

We ensure a good atmosphere by having clear set rules that are fair and applied to all. No bullying or teasing is tolerated and all children are given respect.

Active children are less likely to get into mischief than bored children, so we provide lots of different activities for them to do.

We have a very well stocked kindergarten and ensure that new materials and activities are provided frequently.